Goodness runs around you as it flows
Organically from the earth into the body it goes
Its menthol and its cooling
the grey green plants are soothing
As a cleansing tea it purifies ya
We should all be moving

3 Mint Tea and Peach Ice lollies

If you thought ice lollies were one dimensional blocks of flavoured ice, then think again.
3 mint tea with fresh peach and mint leaves suspended in ice. If you want to win at life, make these for you, your mum, your teacher and also your granny.

Meet the Herbalist

Katie Pande is a medical herbalist and works for Pukka Organic Herbs in Bristol.
Join her at the Bristol Botanic Garden on an adventure of herbal discovery where you will learn about the power of plants. Find out which herb can help you sleep, settle an upset tummy and help a cough or cold…

Menthe in the Underworld

menthe in the underworld

“In a fertile land of Titans and Goddesses, there once lived a cheeky green water sprite”‚Ķ.
Find out what happened to her in this adventure of capture, revenge and sweet smelling plants.

Grow mint in the classroom (and make Tzatziki)

Looking for MINT-SPIRATION !

Mint is one of the easiest and most prolific of herbs. Recognisable to most children by smell and taste; grow some, eat some and repeat. From toothpaste to tzatiki; it’s all about the mint!

With thanks to the green fingered pupils of Hannah Moore Primary School Bristol and Darran Mclane.