Wander through the orchard,
All the apples that we have
There’s green ones, red ones, a russet and a jazz
You can cook them up for pudding, in a crumble or a pie
When I say I love you you’re the apple of my eye
You can bob with them and bake with them
the textures sometimes dappled
but the question still remains my dear –
How do you like them apples?

Exploding Apples

Inside out toffee apples! Explosively delicious.

The Fruit and Veg Supplier

Nick Matthews

“I love seasonal produce and always get excited when I see a new product coming into season”.

Hercules and the Golden Apples

hercules and the golden apples

There was once an apple tree that grew in a garden at the edge of the world. it was believed that these apples gave immortal life to anyone who ate them.

Apple Architecture

Edible lego ! Make tall towers and load bearing structures using just apple cubes and cocktail sticks.