Breads of the world



Breads of the world

Breads of the world


As a seed, on it’s own is not much good

It needs to be buried, to be planted in mud

So the farmer ploughs his field

And lots of seeds are sown

And a hundred and ten days later

Grain is grown

When it’s reached it’s peak and the crop is grown

The harvester comes and the grain is mown

The Miller, he grinds it into flour

It will be with the baker within the hour

And we’re halfway there at least

As the flour is mixed with salty water and yeast


It’s kneaded together to make the dough

Yeast and water make it swell and grow

Now he watches the mix rise from the dead

And waits for the moment to bake his bread

The dough is ready, the oven switched on

It goes into a tin and then it’s gone!


Breads of the world

Breads of the world


Bloomer Baguette, Bagel, Chapati,

Rye bread, Sourdough, bun and a-stotty,

Flat bread, Pita bread, seeded batch,

Sundried-tomato-bread, Chip bu-tty Bap

Challah bread, Tiger bread, Crumpet, Paratha,

Croissant, Brioche, Focaccia, Ciabatta


Respect to your chefs you boys and girls

Culinary bakers of Breads of the world