It’s all about the Mint

Goodness runs around you as it flows
Organically from the earth into the body it goes
It’s menthol and it’s cooling
The grey green plants are soothing
As a cleansing tea it purifies ya
We should all be moving

Sweetness so supreme
Leaves you feeling crisp and clean
Connects your body mind and soul
Relax and gently take control
Ingest my friends and surely take the hint
For you know it’s all about the mint

Peppermint Spearmint and Wild mint too
all fresh and vibrant and good for you
Grow wild my pretties spread through the land
Be green and be seen and be plucked by hand
So wild and varied, the flavour distant
Go boil the kettle mint tea we shall drink
Skip the meadows and ride cross the waves
Is that Bob Dylan what’s he got to say ?

“It’s good for you and its good for me
especially in a delicious tea
It’s used to keep your breath freshly,
is there no end to its therapy
Toothpaste, hospitality it’s even good for a sore belly
Digestion and for clarity”

So come together dance with me