The Apple A – Z



A is for the Apple, that’s what this song’s about

B is for the Braeburn or the Bismark it turns out

C is for the Crunch,  Catshead and Cheddar Cross

it’s for the Chisel Jersey, and the Cherry Cox

D is for Discovery, the Davey and Delicious

E’s for Esopus Spitzenburg – a mouthful but nutritious

F is for the Fuji and the Feltham Beauty

G, well that’s old Granny Smith – a bright green little cutey


And so my little friends there is no need to fuss and flapple

The question that I want to know is how do you like them apples?


Next we got the Hawkeye, the Hampshire and the Hazen

The Howgate Wonder I have to say is really quite amazing!  

I  is for the i-pod which is really hard to grapple  

but you cant eat electronics that’s the wrong kind of apple!

I like the Ingrid Ma-rie it’s one of Denmark’s finest

The Jackson’s Seedling and the Jersey Mac are just fine it’s

The K that is for Katy, and also Big King Luscious

L is for the Lady Red and the Langton’s Nonsuch  

Next we’ve got the Mertons  as well as Mister Gladstone

Then of course the Norfolk Beauty is a good one

for coo-king as well, as the firm Ontario,

and the Opal’s picked in the early season don’t cha know

P is for the Pioneer and Pink Lady you’ll have seen

Q is for the Quebec Bell and the Cox’s Queen

R is for the Reverend Wilks – sitting in his chapel

and he’d really like to know “how, do you like these apples?”


For S we have the Snow, as well as Mrs Scarlett

T is for her friend Tom Putt who is a little Starlet

U is for the Upton Pyne – a cooking variety  

V is for Vanderpool which is small and red and firey

W is the Walter Pease and his friend Wayne

It’s also for the William Crump – which is a fantastic name

There is no X in apple but so it’s not alone,

let’s make one up and use an X how about Xylophone?

Y is for the ones that are from  Yarlington Mill

The Yellow Delicious and the York Imperial

Z is for the Zuccamaglio which is red

and that concludes our harvest in our apple A to Z.