Never before had there been two beets like this.

Never before had two hearts beat like this.

Never before had two beets’ hearts beat like this.

Oh Bert and Betty ….

Beetroot & Chocolate Cake

Super-chocolatey, Super-cake, Super-beetroot.

The Lamentable Tale of Bert and Betty

The lamentable tale of Bert and Betty

WARNING This story contains some vegetable violence that some people may find upsetting.

The Grower

“My love of food comes from a family closely connected to the land. my mum was a chef and my grandfather worked in the greengrocers trade.  As a young boy I visited farms in his VW pickup. I’ll always remember the carrot washing machine!”

Darran McLane

Make Vampire Blood

How to make beetroot blood vampire capsules – Sink your teeth into this gory how to…