Altogether now ! “Spuds Spuds they grow in the mud you dig them up and you eat them.  Spuds they go with every meal but first you have to heat them !”

Skins, Stuffed and Mashed

Eat your skins, that’s where so much of the goodness lies. Three smashing recipes here, because there’s more to spuds than chips and crisps.

Meet the Potato Agronomist

. To Somerset in wellington boots with a garden fork where we meet  the Potato AGRONOMIST * and the people who grow and sort so many of the UK’s potato crop. Heave, ho !  (* Agronomy is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food ) 

The PotatOlympics

Peeling up to it ? Then get OFF that couch…potatoes. It’s time for some spudtastic challenges. On your marks, get set …GO !